Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is King Breaking the Law?

Or is he just confused as always?

As widely reported before, King was under the misguided belief that DC was more dangerous than Iraq.

Yet, at the Iowa Republican Convention he claimed that he wanted to run out into the street (or his yard) and shoot his gun into the air. He says he stopped himself because "This time I was in Washington, DC and they frown on those kind of things, in fact you'd probably see the police come in if I did that."

That sounds like a city with a decent police force to protect its residents.

So which is it Mr. King? Is DC more dangerous or not? Maybe it's more dangerous for confused politicians such as yourself.

And moreover, do you have a gun in D.C., where there are laws against possessing a gun in the District since 77, especially for non-residents?


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