Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Does King Write His Own Letters? aka Who Really Stalled Renewing the Voting Rights Act

Last week Steve King spearheaded the effort to stall voting on extending the Voting Rights Act. In what should have been a time for non-partisan bickering, Mr. King decided- and in typical Rubber Stamp Republican fashion 78 others jumped right on board - to delay a vote.

Well, as they say, "More will be revealed." A little scratching at the surface reveals there might be some less-than-savory people behind the call to delay a vote on this important piece of legislation.

EPluribus Media has done a bit of digging and the dirt don't look good.

Who's Really Behind the King Letter

It now appears some questions have come to light about exactly who is behind both the King letter and the effort to shelve the renewal of the VRA. The official copy of the letter that appears on the web site of the US Congress (www. house.gov) apparently was not generated by a house member or their staff, but rather by one of the leading anti-immigration/English only advocacy groups.

The true author?

In this case it is quite possible that the actual letter that 79 Representatives put their names on was not in fact authored by one of their own, but rather by outside interests. Interests with some rather disturbing skeletons in the closet.


Given that the King letter posted at House.gov was authored by McAlpin on a computer registered to NumbersUSA, coupled with its striking similarities to McAlpins testimony, only one of two possible cases seem plausible. Either King copied his letter from ProEnglish literature almost word for word, and then asked McAlpin, or someone using his computer, to type up a copy to post at the House of Representatives website, or McAlpin authored the letter himself. In either case the letter that 79 Representatives signed to force the cancellation of the renewal of the VRA came from ProEnglish.

In fact, in the weeks and months leading up to the vote on the VRA, ProEnglish had been advocating the defeat of the bill.


The group is one of thirteen like-minded organizations founded by anti-immigrant advocate John Tanton. Tanton's multi-million dollar web of groups includes not only ProEnglish and NumbersUSA, but also the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR).

There is certainly more to this story. We will be watching as this story unfolds.

Also visit this good summary, Who Really Killed the Voting Rights Act


Blogger Jody said...

To Joyce and all those reading her blog: A new watchdog group -- The Progressive Democracy Corps (a group of private citizens who live in western Iowa's 5th Congressional District) -- are on a roll with their new website, www.kingwatch.org. There you'll meet the real "King Steve," finally exposed as The Joker. Prepare to be appalled.

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