Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Does King Write His Own Letters? aka Who Really Stalled Renewing the Voting Rights Act

Last week Steve King spearheaded the effort to stall voting on extending the Voting Rights Act. In what should have been a time for non-partisan bickering, Mr. King decided- and in typical Rubber Stamp Republican fashion 78 others jumped right on board - to delay a vote.

Well, as they say, "More will be revealed." A little scratching at the surface reveals there might be some less-than-savory people behind the call to delay a vote on this important piece of legislation.

EPluribus Media has done a bit of digging and the dirt don't look good.

Who's Really Behind the King Letter

It now appears some questions have come to light about exactly who is behind both the King letter and the effort to shelve the renewal of the VRA. The official copy of the letter that appears on the web site of the US Congress (www. house.gov) apparently was not generated by a house member or their staff, but rather by one of the leading anti-immigration/English only advocacy groups.

The true author?

In this case it is quite possible that the actual letter that 79 Representatives put their names on was not in fact authored by one of their own, but rather by outside interests. Interests with some rather disturbing skeletons in the closet.


Given that the King letter posted at House.gov was authored by McAlpin on a computer registered to NumbersUSA, coupled with its striking similarities to McAlpins testimony, only one of two possible cases seem plausible. Either King copied his letter from ProEnglish literature almost word for word, and then asked McAlpin, or someone using his computer, to type up a copy to post at the House of Representatives website, or McAlpin authored the letter himself. In either case the letter that 79 Representatives signed to force the cancellation of the renewal of the VRA came from ProEnglish.

In fact, in the weeks and months leading up to the vote on the VRA, ProEnglish had been advocating the defeat of the bill.


The group is one of thirteen like-minded organizations founded by anti-immigrant advocate John Tanton. Tanton's multi-million dollar web of groups includes not only ProEnglish and NumbersUSA, but also the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR).

There is certainly more to this story. We will be watching as this story unfolds.

Also visit this good summary, Who Really Killed the Voting Rights Act

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kingly confusion galore

The shock of what King believes to be right, true or fair continues to increase in direct correlation to time he spends thinking and speaking.

Nevermind his acknowledgement of how little we pay our men and women in uniform, even though this contradicts the Republican party's thinly veiled messages regarding increased military spending, which are used to tug at the heartstrings of us patriotic Americans. That increased spending is going to the contractors in deals that start in places like Charlie Palmer's. That money is never intended for those risking their lives for us - or for their families when the ultimate sacrifice is made.

But the argument about our military's low wages is convenient when it can support the erratic methods he uses to try to calm his personal fears - this time about immigrants.

And we've already discussed his confusion about whether our nation's Capital is more dangerous than Iraq - though we're still not sure if he's in compliance with DC gun law.

But he continues to walk a tightrope on the issue of protecting the Constitution. This is truly baffling and becoming somewhat hard to follow.

He states to the Des Moines Register that "My job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,", yet this comes from a man that has sponsored legislation to repeal an amendment to the Constitution.

This comes from a man trying feverishly to alter the 14th Amendment to stop "Anchor babies" which would give other families the same opportunities he conveniently exalts when he uses his own family's history to pad his thin resume of outreach. Speaking at a naturalization ceremony, he told the new citizens, "The fact that each of you in this room made an individual choice to become an American citizen, motivates those of us who are citizens by birth to appreciate the blessings we enjoy. "

So why does he take time unraveling his party's party line on military spending only to shoot himself in his foot (hopefully outside of DC) by touting his family's immigrant past?

We'll stop there, though, since the fertility issue he raised was hopefully abolished in the early 20th century and this was just a case of tourettes; and we hope he's seeking professional help.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

King's support for financial aid?

King is now, conveniently, a supporter of education? I didn't really get that from his site.


Your tax dollars at work changed the site since about 4pm EST today, but hey, aren't you glad your money is going to pay for someone's salary?

We're glad that someone who claims to support Education (probably only when convenient) actually has any information for those seeking to better themselves (or chase skirts - jury is still out).

In all fairness (something unlikely to be granted in return), his updated page can be found here: http://www.house.gov/steveking/constit_grants_student.shtm

Is King Breaking the Law?

Or is he just confused as always?

As widely reported before, King was under the misguided belief that DC was more dangerous than Iraq.

Yet, at the Iowa Republican Convention he claimed that he wanted to run out into the street (or his yard) and shoot his gun into the air. He says he stopped himself because "This time I was in Washington, DC and they frown on those kind of things, in fact you'd probably see the police come in if I did that."

That sounds like a city with a decent police force to protect its residents.

So which is it Mr. King? Is DC more dangerous or not? Maybe it's more dangerous for confused politicians such as yourself.

And moreover, do you have a gun in D.C., where there are laws against possessing a gun in the District since 77, especially for non-residents?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Steve King continues his vituperative and uncivil behavior during his speech at the Iowa Republican State Convention

Creston, IA - Congressman Steve King continues his vituperative and uncivil behavior during his speech at the Iowa Republican State Convention.

Commenting on the recent death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a most reprehensible person at best, King opined that al-Zarqawi has probably learned that 72 virgins did not await him in the hell he is in. King went on to state "And if there are, they probably all look like Helen Thomas." There was extended laughter by King and his audience.

While we should not be surprised by any of King's remarks at this point in his career, his desultory comments about the appearance of a respected member of the journalistic community is so low as to evoke a response from me.

Mean-spirited remarks are beneath the dignity of any self respecting Congressperson, and remarks about another person's appearance are even lower.
I am not an apologist for al-Zarqawi, and the hell he put many people through; Muslim, Christian and unknown others. I am certain that he is getting his justice and that there is no excuse for the kind of terror he practiced. I let God be God.

I hesitate to even use Helen Thomas' name in the same document with so vile a wretch as al-Zarqawi. But I want her and the world to know that Iowans are not insensitive buffoons who make fun at someone else's expense.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

King's continued delusions

Apparently King is now asking to be sent home for his own safety. As he explained so confidently on the House floor this week, he and his family is less safe in DC than in Iraq.

Using incorrect numbers, either fed to him unchecked by the right wing propaganda machine he blindly follows, or creating them through some unknown algorithm, King produced "evidence" that it is safer to live in Iraq than the Capital of the free world.

We are unsure how much King truly knows of the great city he refers to as "this place", even after living there for 3 years now. On the other hand, Schulte has enjoyed many of the city's great neighborhoods during her many trips to the city to support educational and agricultural matters to Congressional members and association meetings & conventions.

Neighborhoods such as Adams-Morgan, in NW DC, with a rich global ethnic mix must put fear into the mis-understanding mind of King, since fear is so easily born from a lack of understanding. The large hispanic communities across the river in Arlington, VA must similarly keep him relegated to DC, while the poorer neighborhoods of eastern DC would leave him boxed in to Capitol Hill and the few blocks north and west of it.

This would, as the article states so clearly, leave him feeling protected, if not a bit claustrophobic. But that fear of being locked in might keep his other fears company.
Schulte wins Democratic Primary!
Congratulations to Joyce and all her supporters! Now, onto a November Victory!

In the 5th CD, Joyce Schulte again picked up the nod (over Bob Chambers) to take on Steve King. Good luck with that. And speaking of the 5th CD, there were a few problems in a precinct or two and the Register has the story here.
Read More

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DesMoines Register Editorial: Schulte connects with challenges Iowans Face

Two Democratic candidates, Joyce Schulte of Creston and Bob Chambers of Essex, are seeking their party's nomination for Iowa's 5th District congressional seat. The winner will run in the general election against Rep. Steve King. Shulte stands out as more qualified.

She lost to King in the general election two years ago. She's running again because she wants to bring change to Congress. She's the best candidate to do that, as someone who is connected to her community and recognizes the challenges typical families face.

Read the whole editorial: http://desmoinesregister.com/...
Today is the primary!

Don't forget to VOTE!

Tuesday 6 June 2006 polls close 9:00p CDT (0200 UTC)