Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thanks Joyce. You did good.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Rejecting the culture of fear

As we head into the weekend that will lead us to the 5th anniversary of one of America's darkest days, attention needs to be given to our approach to life.

If we approach life in fear, and hand over what we know is rightly ours without question, we have lost this war - for that is the goal of terrorism.

The current administration and Congressional majority have pumped and fueled the fear for 5 years too long.

Rather than leading with courage - we have been twisted by deceit.

Rather than working to ensure our safety, our money has been continually misdirected by cronyism.

Joyce Schulte urges us all to return to the roots we know to be American. With intelligence, strength and bravery, we will continue to be a beacon to the world.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ignite Your Mind: Schulte

Listen to an interview where Schulte discusses the environment, education, and more at

Thursday, July 13, 2006

One of 33

It must be lonely being Steve King when even the rubber-stamp Republicans won't join your parade. After embarrassing himself on the House floor today and getting some great attention with his "electrocute the illegals" plan for border protection, he lost his valiant attempt to repeal sections of the Voting Rights Act.

In this election year stunt to rally the far-right base of their party, he only found 32 others (all Republicans) that wanted to go along in his crazy bid to strip protections for millions of voters.

Before the 390 to 33 vote to extend the measure for a quarter-century, the House defeated four amendments that would have diluted two expiring provisions and possibly derailed final passage before the November congressional elections.

Washington Post

King Yearns for Construction and Agriculture...

...but gets his place and livestock wrong.

In a speech on the floor on Tuesday, King brought out some high dollar tinker toys in order to garner some more minutes in the spotlight as his appetite for attention apparently still isn't hampered by his diuretic mouth.

While taking much effort not to reach to higher levels of thought (such as Gephardt's plan in 2000 to require reasonable minimum wages with no-tariff trading partners), King blunders on with an isolationist approach of building a wall.

While he might not be a fiscal conservative for the people, he certainly is enterprising for himself, as he again plugs his construction business as being able to do the job, saying "Our little construction company could build a mile a day of this pretty easily, once you’ve got your system going."

The most astonishing part continues to be his arrogance towards anyone not like him. We continue to find out the different groups of people he doesn't like, which makes the odds high that he inherently does not like most of America. We're now beginning to find out how he would like to handle those he doesn't like: "We could also electrify this wire with the kind of current that would not kill somebody, but it would simply be a discouragement for them to be fooling around with it. We do that with livestock all the time."

Mr. King, please, if you're going to do construction, please move back to Iowa, and if you're going to manage anything living, please keep it to legal livestock.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

If Iraq is really safer than Washington, D.C....

Then this is sound advice from a very astute reader in Iowa, courtesy of the DesMoines Register's editorial pages:

1. Congressman King should, forthwith, call for the immediate removal of all U.S. troops in Iraq. They obviously are no longer needed there.

2. Deploy those troops in the District of Columbia. Establish a secure area (call it the Red Zone while the GOP is in control; the Blue Zone when the Democrats rule), around the U.S. Capitol and downtown Washington to protect lawmakers, federal workers and K Street lobbyists from the lawlessness.

3. Name Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld chief of police in Washington, D.C.

4. Appoint King as U.S. ambassador to Iraq, where he, obviously, will feel much more secure.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

King continues tactics in pursuit of notoriety

Yet this notoriety remains one that the majority of citizens in the Congressional 5th District, Iowa, do not desire nor deserve.

Why would someone who is responsible for representing a large population of good faithed, honest, and high-valued people spread untruths, and continue to do so in light of factual arguments to the contrary?

The only reason we've been able to come up with is megalomania. Mr. King, we didn't ask you to simply be a well known star in Washington. We asked you to take our values and bring them to Washington on our behalf.

Continuing to press unfounded assertions in an attempt for headlines is beneath us as a constituency.

It is past due to restore Iowa Quality to our Congressional representation for the 5th District.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Does King Write His Own Letters? aka Who Really Stalled Renewing the Voting Rights Act

Last week Steve King spearheaded the effort to stall voting on extending the Voting Rights Act. In what should have been a time for non-partisan bickering, Mr. King decided- and in typical Rubber Stamp Republican fashion 78 others jumped right on board - to delay a vote.

Well, as they say, "More will be revealed." A little scratching at the surface reveals there might be some less-than-savory people behind the call to delay a vote on this important piece of legislation.

EPluribus Media has done a bit of digging and the dirt don't look good.

Who's Really Behind the King Letter

It now appears some questions have come to light about exactly who is behind both the King letter and the effort to shelve the renewal of the VRA. The official copy of the letter that appears on the web site of the US Congress (www. apparently was not generated by a house member or their staff, but rather by one of the leading anti-immigration/English only advocacy groups.

The true author?

In this case it is quite possible that the actual letter that 79 Representatives put their names on was not in fact authored by one of their own, but rather by outside interests. Interests with some rather disturbing skeletons in the closet.


Given that the King letter posted at was authored by McAlpin on a computer registered to NumbersUSA, coupled with its striking similarities to McAlpins testimony, only one of two possible cases seem plausible. Either King copied his letter from ProEnglish literature almost word for word, and then asked McAlpin, or someone using his computer, to type up a copy to post at the House of Representatives website, or McAlpin authored the letter himself. In either case the letter that 79 Representatives signed to force the cancellation of the renewal of the VRA came from ProEnglish.

In fact, in the weeks and months leading up to the vote on the VRA, ProEnglish had been advocating the defeat of the bill.


The group is one of thirteen like-minded organizations founded by anti-immigrant advocate John Tanton. Tanton's multi-million dollar web of groups includes not only ProEnglish and NumbersUSA, but also the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR).

There is certainly more to this story. We will be watching as this story unfolds.

Also visit this good summary, Who Really Killed the Voting Rights Act